Trail Controller Issue

Hello Everyone! I just want to point out an issue I’m having with the Trail Controller in Animation Blueprint.

These are simple cylinder rigs I made just for this experiment/troubleshoot. The rig in the Right was created all in Maya and the one on the left was created all in 3ds max (I was lazy with the skinning falloff so it looks more jagged when it moves).

These cylinders are skinned to a simple chain of bones that I apply the Trail Controller to for the follow through effect.

When I animated the root bone in the respected animation app, the follow through works perfectly. but when I move the skeletal mesh in world space, It seems to be confused on which axis to translate to.

Is there a way around this issue? does it have to do with the orientation of the root bone?

EDIT: I’m using the source built version 4.6 of UE4

I’m starting to see a pattern. Maybe in need to somehow change the axis of the root bone to match the axis of the world…

I wonder how I can easily do that…

I found a temporary solution,
In Maya, I set the up axis to Z (I usually use FBX to correct that),
then I select the root joint and in the Animation menu I select Skeleton->OrientJoint(Options),
then I check Orient Joint to World and apply.
And last, I set up axis to Z in the FBX exporter.

This aligns the axis of the bone to the world and the follow through now works correctly.
I still wish the Trail controller would be smarter than that so I don’t have to Orient the joints and potentially break this complex rig on working on for my game