Traffic Racer 3D – Racing Car Game

Traffic Racer 3D – Racing Car Game
Tired of the same old racing games on your portable devices? We bring you new and improved racing experience. With realistic environment and enhanced 3D features, exotic cars and high speed action sending shivers down your spine.
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Game Features
• Alluring 3D graphics for real look and feel
• Realistic environment to get the actual driver out of you
• Three detailed environments rainy, night mode and day mode.
• Low, medium and high graphics as per user preference.
• Change of car gears and tires
Game Play
• Increase speed to gain more points and rewards
• When you reach max speed your car turns into a cop car giving you a direct experience of bounty hunting.
• Tilt and touch panel for navigation
• Touch gas button to accelerate the car speed
• Brakes to slow down the car
• One way and Two way game mode
Game Tips
Use your break wisely as traffic from behind will wreck your car.