Tradeshow Interactive configurator Kiosk

Here’s a project we put together for a small business to show their products at a trade show.

Initial screens are a screen saver it kicks out to but it gets to the nitty gritty pretty quickly.

The biggest challenge was the number of products that had to be customised to fit each different model of truck.

Once customisation is complete there’s the added bonus of being able to drive the trucks around the warehouse and then print a picture direct to a printer and let the customer take a copy away.

Input interaction is done using a xbox controller for everything on a large screen tv.

At the tradeshow customers would spend about 20 mins each configuring options they could purchase -hugely engaging and very successful.

Secondary to this we have output an html version for their website which I will post when the website goes live soon.

Hope you find it interesting. Unreal rocks.

Cheers Patrick

Really awesome and interesting, guys, very nice job. I assume a huge modeling & unwrapping time for a breathtaking job.

Thanks for your comments. Yip a lot of unwrapping and quite a bit of modelling too Although most of that modelling involved converting the cad product files to an appropriate size while maintaining visual fidelity. This Kiosk application came out of the html5 version so models had to be as lite as possible for download. Truck models were purchased to speed up the process but had to be tidied up enormously in maya. We also wrote a custom car importer to bring the models into unreal from maya and automatically place them on the vehicle rig. This helped changing details nearer the end without rebuilding the rigs again and again for each model of truck.
Just of note - originally we created a gear vr demo of a basic ute in a warehouse to show the potential of Unreal and how versatile it was. The team that worked on this is also only 2 guys (not from the game industry) so we are very impressed by the level of online documentation and help available from the forum and answerhub that enabled us to finish this. Ill post more information when the html5 version goes live but we completely ditched the unreal interface for that and used html code (buttons, selection, options) to control the backend engine functionality. Like I said above Unreal rocks.

here are a few screenshots of the html5 compiled- gearvr demo running in a chrome browser that we made early on.

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