Trademarked names


Hoping to get some clarification on this statement in the Marketplace guide…

1.1.e Products must not contain or be marketed using any copyrighted or trademark protected names, branding, or content, including any Epic-owned trademarks (such as game titles, logos, or character names), unless owned by or adequately licensed to the publisher.

Let’s say, for a random example, I have a big brand like BMW and they want me to get their cars on the marketplace and is happy for me as a publisher to put them their and sell them and take the revenue.
They obviously want them advertised as BMWs but it is also a trademarked name.
BMW don’t want to get involved and are happy for me to get their cars represented on the marketplace for Unreal users.

So…what do you mean by "adequately licensed to the publisher"?
Can this just be an email form them saying it is ok for me to sell their car models/brand on the marketplace or is it more complicated that that?

Any insight would be most appreciated.

Many thanks.

If you have contracted pages describing all your relations - I think that will not be a problem.

@Gutvarev Thanks for the reply.
So basically a document from the trademark owner say that I am allowed to use their trademarked names with Unreal assets and sell them via the Unreal Marketplace via my account?

Is anyone else aware of anything more I may need?

Thanks for any info.

Best way to clarify:

So here is the official reply from marketplace-support in case anyone else is interested.

In order to use someone else’s copyrighted content, you must be able to provide a written contract from the rights holder authorizing you to use their content for assets you intend to sell and redistribute with no restrictions on their use that would cause it to not be compatible with the Marketplace Distribution Agreement.