TRADE VR - Conversion CEV to UE4

Hi everybody,

my name is Simone Lombardo, I’ve been working with Unreal and other engine since Unreal 2.5 and my team and I were the first to use a game engine to render AAA movie VFX, as far as I know we are still the only one who have done that. Recently, I have been developing a VR thriller game called “Trade” that I planned to do a kickstarter for. But I developed it using Cry Engine V at first, and got a demo at 90% ready. The problem is that I have hit a wall where I can’t move forward with that engine. SoI kept thinking that going the CEV route might not be viable for me, I am of similar level on both engine but before to start the kickstarter I wanted to make sure which engine should I use for the project, and thought about converting the demo to Unreal Engine 4.

I was wondering if this is something that could posted here (the progress of the conversion), as it uses some of CEV screenshot and such. But maybe some of you would want to follow the step by step and the progress.

I just wanted to make sure it doesn’t break any rules from the forum or such.

Let me know!