Trade System Android Multiplayer

Hello :slight_smile:
I want to make a multiplayer trade system for android game. So players will register an item to market(this will be only UI page)with his set price.And other players will search the item with items name and if it exists will purchase that.
so is it possible make a thing like this for android do i need a datababse ? Or google play services or any other thing handles it ? Is there any tutorial or any reference example for this to make this ? It is not neceseary to be trade example also any other multiplayer thing for android works. for android tutorial how to use google play services or whatever for multiplayer or is there any documentation for android multiplayer to lead me ? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

By the way i know how to make replication things blueprints and also c++ how to code.I only don’t know what i need for connection for android do i need database dedicated server amazon aws or etc when i publish my game to google play store.