Traction to a custom physics car

Hi, i’m trying to make a custom car using the hover tutorial and it’s working fine but, i have 2 problems:

1 - The car slide to much. I’ve seen in this video (in 4:54) that this guy have use some kind of counter force to add a traction to the car but i dont have any idea of how do that.

2 - I want to rotate the car in the air and for this, i want that my camera stop following the car movement. To do that i’m activating the “Use pawn control rotation” when in the air and deactivating when is in the ground.
Kinda works but when i jump, the camera always back to default position.

In this video i show both problems:

1- what properties do you have on your materials? The stock material is really slippery.
It’s good to make physics mats for a vehicle game anyway so you can have different properties (ie: pavement is sticky, grass is slippery)
Once I did that I got really good control.

You can also adjust friction scale in the tire configs.

Sorry, ive delete the first part by accident. Im not using the car component. Im using the hover tutorial to make that custom car, thats why i don`t know how to add traction to the car.