Trackpad viewport controls change randomly (UE 5.2 MacOS)

This has been bugging me for a while. The viewport controls for the trackpad randomly change on me when I’m in Unreal Editor and I can’t figure out what triggers it.


  • Single finger click and drag - Pan left and right, truck forward and back
  • Two finger click and drag - Crane up and down, track left and right
  • Two finger drag without clicking - Pan and tilt only
  • WASD movement works in any of these states

but randomly two finger click and drag will change to Pan and Tilt. When this happens, two finger drag still pans and tilts as well, but WASD will not work unless the mouse is being clicked (with either one or two fingers).

restarting the editor will fix the issue, but it randomly crops up for seemingly no reason. Does anybody else experience this? Do you know what causes it or how to fix it?