Tracking jump height to create booleans in the Char BP, then casting them in the Animation BP


I began working on a project about 6 months ago. Now I’m stuck at this, I need to track my jump height in real time to create some booleans for the Animation BP (I cast them from my Char BP). Anyone has a clue about how I could do that? I tried using ‘‘Get world location’’ but I can’t get it to center at my character without having him teleport to 0/0/0.

Thank you.

Can you compare/get the difference between world positions at time intervals, when the player jumps, and use that to create booleans?

This seems like a viable solution. What node would you use to compare difference between world position? SphereTraceByChannel?

I would just subtract the start position Z axis value from the end Z axis position value.

So for example, you set you start Zaxis value when the player presses the button to jump, and set the end position value every tick.
Then subtract start position value from from end position value.
To turn that value into a bool,you might use a “>” node to say, set bool to true if the difference is > than say 10 for instance.

I already tried doing it and failed. The way you articulated it made it for me, thanks a lot man!

Here’s the BP if someone else needs it.