Track Select with Carousel and Table Data - Help

I’m trying to create a Forza/GT-style track select system, but have hit a wall in that I’m just not finding what I’m looking by way of tutorials. Any help is appreciated.

The attached picture is a mockup of the select screen. The functionality is this:

-The Icon boxes represent logos of available tracks, and are nested in a carousel in alphabetical order. Left/right scrolls through the available levels.
-The currently selected circuit, which is the icon in the white outline, will load track data into data 01-05, an image in to Location Image 01 and a 3D model into Location Image 02.
-The track data is being pulled from a data table which was created by a data structure.
-Pressing a confirm button would load the track lobby level. Level name would also contained in the data table.

I’m primary an artist and I’m really struggling with this. Where do I start?

If the levels are done, why not film a short instead of just using an image at the top?

In terms of what do you need to do first. What format is the data in the data table coming in as?
are they links , variable references, just variables?

Loading the level will be your easiest thing to hook up.

So I supposte that first thing first you should design all of this using UMG.
Keep in mind the area you want to be dynamic will probably need to be managed via code or blueprint rather than inside the designer.
you also probably want all of this to be it’s own level, so that you can manipulate the mesh you have for location image 02.

For how to do things in terms of dynamic display you can probably pick through any number of Inventory tutorials that show you how to pick up items and have them display in an inventory. Many of those tutorials do make direct use of data tables to read weapon properties like remaining ammo.

For loading the 3d asset - it might take loading time compared to a 2d picture - you could probably just have all of them loaded in the “menu” level, and pan them left to right so they display in the hole without having to rely on the loading process.

Technically you could do it all that way with I World widgets, but it’s an additional layer of complexity then just loading stuff where you need it… though it kind preps you for VR if you do it…