Tracing with Sprites

I’m trying to do tracing with a 2D sprite. problem is the trace always goes to the right of the character no matter what way I am facing.

I guess because its not really a 3d model, so technically he is always facing the same direction, the rest is an illusion?

I managed to solve that problem by using getlast input vector to tell what direction the player last moved hence the direction the player is currently facing. Problem is it wont work when im not moving. I can only do a trace while moving and it moves in the correct direction, but I need to do it stationary. I guess get last input vector returns to 0 when im not moving. Heres the tree i have so far

if you want to keep using GetLastMovementInputVector, then you should probably grab it in your input events, make sure its non-zero, and save it in a variable. then use that variable here.

thats what I was thinking, but I have never used the input events? going to look into this thank you!

aah sure you have! InputAxis MoveForward, InputAxis: MoveRight, InputAxis: Turn etc. any of them that could alter the rotation.

havent tried saving variables or using them yet, trying to figure out how to “grab” it

not working still, but is this a step in the right direction or way off? :frowning:

Got it working. :slight_smile: