Traces good or bad?


I have moved all the files to the correct destination and everything is good, however, each texture has left a trace in the previous folder it was. And if I remove that folder all traces are gone and the shaders lose their textures and I have to re-address all the texture maps which is really a big deal at the moment. Can I submit to Epic with the traces being there?

Epic’s requirement:
Content/Package name/Meshes-Textures-Materials etc.

My structure:
Content/Package name/Meshes-Textures-Materials etc.

With the difference being I have another Textures folder before the Content folder where it holds the texture traces (not the texture maps).

Usually I just move everything in Content Browser and then “Fix redirectors” each folder. After that I relaunch Editor and delete all weird folders that visible in Content browser, but should not be there. And the last step is to delete these “unexisting” folders in windows explorer if they are still here.

Edit: Also I’ll remove tag from your thread, I believe we should use it only for project support threads :slight_smile:

So if i click all the folders at once and press “redirect” they will be unlocked from tracing and removable?
Cause in this way i just could… Put everything in my own folders

yea moving anything in the editor rarely works out well for me…

@zeOrb, In fact I never noticed the “Fix Redirectors” there. worked. Thanks for the fast support. :slight_smile:

Traces or redirectors are good.

A redirector is a bread crumb left behind that tells the editor where the asset was moved from folder A to folder B. The reason for this is so that if an asset package that shares the same resources is added will be able to find the asset share in the new folder with out having to duplicate.

Fix Redirectors does that in it bakes or fix the link to the proper address but once done assets shares will duplicate once imported so no harm done if you reconnect by hand.