Tracer registers hit but goes through objects

Hello. No matter what I try to set in my BP, something is not correct. I have two separate tracers I made (one red for guns and one blue for rockets). They register hits, as in, when they impact walls they spawn particles of dust, hit metal they spawn particles of sparks, make sounds on impacts, damage is counted and subtracted from pawns, etc… But the tracer itself keeps going. No matter what it hits (and either tracer), they just go through any and every object and I can watch them continue their flight. Any and all help is appreciated and thank you in advance for your time!

I ended up replacing the Particle (tracer) with a Static Mesh. Then I added a “Scene” component. I made the scene component the parent of the Static Mesh and this seems to have solved my issue. In case anyone stumbles on this - I offer my possible solution… at least my resolution! :slight_smile: Thanks.