Tracer on flaslight

Reupload, because the last time only one person responded but don’t the problem at all

So, I want to make a system who if I keep pressed a key, the flaslight turn on and makes a tracer with a cone form for detect the Ghost and rest to it some life.

Well, something like this: Nintendo Land: Luigi's Ghost Mansion (5 Players) - YouTube

I don’t known if the method used on ‘Nintendo Land’ programming was adding a hit detector on the light, a multiple light model who reacts on the walls or tracers. (Yeah, im making a copy of Nintendo Land, for mobiles)

I only want to make this system, I tried with adding hitbox to a light 3d model but the light can pass tought the walls. And now I tried with tracers and I when I press the key all works fine, but it generates a trace and the trace is static and doesn’t move with the player, and I want when the key is holding-pressed that trace turns-on and follows the player. I don’t known if I explained correctly, so I will put some screenshots.


What happens:

What it happens when I move:

What I want: