TraceLineByChanel dont work when out of the view of the camera (Multiplayer/Projectile(GetWorldLocation))

Hi guys, here is my problem :
So, i make a project with multiplayer, and for now, i’ve got 2 player control on network and it’s working fine.
When i shoot a gun, the players can see the projectile flying by, and all that good stuff, BUT

As soon as a Player 1 for exemple, look away and dont have Player 2 in this camera view, when Player 2 shoot ( it’s working fine for him), the Player 1 can see the projectile flying, but its stay at the last known pitch angle of Player 2. So Player 2 shoot above 2meter off the ground and moves it at 3meter for example, when player 1 is looking at P2, he can see the wiggle of the projectile going up and down, but as soon as P1 turn away from P2. Player 2 can shoot, but P1 cant see the wiggle up and down affecting the projectiles/bullets.

So, i hope i was clear, and do someone already had this problem ? And if someone know, how can i fix this ?

Oh and btw, i’m calling projectiles by replicated event(and SwitchHasAuthority etc) otherwise the other player cant see the projectiles.

And i’m new to UE4 so, dont yell at me to hard please <3

Thanks in advance guys.

Ok, i found the solution. Just in case it happens to someone, i found the anwser right there :

So i set my meshes to “Always Tick pose and refresh bones” in the Mesh Components Update Flag, and it work.

The problem was, as you guessed it, when a player was out of view, the mesh and bones wasnt updated (so is the pitch orientation), and … yeah, was stuck and the previous orientation.