Trace won't hit my custom collision primitive?

I’m finding that the trace in Weapon.uc CalcWeaponFire() won’t hit my custom collision primitive on one of my meshes:

HitActor = GetTraceOwner().Trace(HitLocation, HitNormal, EndTrace, StartTrace, TRUE, Extent, HitInfo, TRACEFLAG_Bullet);

It is instead hitting using per-poly collision (i think). How can i make it register my (invisible) collision primitive?


Are your hit boxes square or round?

round seems to not detect hits, square will. That was my experience with them.

It is a cylinder. I will test with a square thanks. That would be annoying if that is the case though…

Yeah when you load up the phat editor, just use the square boxes and resize them to fit the part or parts. Our player is made up of pieces. Then we put them together to make a full player, so i just did each piece in phat with squares boxes and resized them to fit properly and they worked nicely.

Round or cylinders do not seem to detect the hit collision. When they do it’s like 1 or 2 shots out of 10 may be detected if your lucky. I did same thing as you and it was like wtf is going on. then i used the squares and was happy to see it working right.