Trace Spheres and Rectangles question

I saw that there is a new trace sphere and rectangle function like a volume that u generate to trace any collision im guessing. Is it possible to get shapes that it hit like say we had a small horizontal zone in which there was a collision detected like a ledge for example or a vertical zone like a pole that it hit for pole climbing? I thought it may be a useful trick? If not i would like to have that type of feature as a request please.

Im guessing there would be a whole area of hitlocations? Is that right? Is it possible?

When you sweep a geometry, you get the location at which the geometry was ‘stopped’ by hitting a blocking object, and a single point of collision. You do not get an area of collision though.

Can you call a trace in any class you want? How would you call it?

In any class, do you mean from any blueprint? Anything derived from Actor should be able to call it.