Trace line collision

hello, i made a light switch with line trace but the line trace can hit the lightswitch through the wall, i am new to all that thing with collision and stuff so how can i make the line trace hit the lightswitch normally and not through the wall?


Your wall need to block physics and query. Just put block all like this :

The wall needs to be set to BlockAll, as Hdubs37 has said. Also confirm that your linetrace is tracing on the visibility channel.

i tried it and now the lightswitch is not working, i was using linetrace for objects with object type to world dynamic, should i use like 2 line traces and if they both hit the light switch only then turn the light off and on?

edit: the problem is that line trace by channel doesn’t recognize the blueprint

edit 2: i didn’t fix it like that but i placed a box in front of the light switch with OverlapAll so i can press the light switch when i am inside the box