trace line colide with volume bug.

Hi! I have a little problem with “line trace for object”, I did a trace to know what actor the player is looking at, everything work fine but the trace is colliding with volumes, like trigger boxes for example, no matter what colision setting I put on the volume, it still colide. Is there any way to fix that?


so this is a door blueprint that the player can place where he want during gameplay, there is a box used to overlap the player to open the door. The box collision is set to " overlap all dynamic" and my trace line colide with it…

Set your Box Collision properties like this:


already done and not working…

oh, fixed it! my trace is set to detect world dynamic, and the trigger box type was set to world dynamic, only had to set it to physic body and that did it! dunno why it is not like that by default.

thanks for reading anyway!

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You can also use a “Line Trace by Channel” and use the “Visibility” for Trace Channel.