Trace forward help

Can somebody help me with that and share a blueprint screenshot showing how to make a trace from the player location everytime it collides with something?
Thanks for any help on this.

I think you just need a on event overlap/hit to drive a trace forward.

I tried that. I added a OnComponentBeginOverlap to the player capsulecomponent, but I never see that working.

you need to also use on hit for those actor’s “Collision->Collision Preset” sets to BlockAll.
If you want to use overlap, you need to make sure the actor has a collision component that can overlap with pawn, and also emit the event.
in simple words, if something collides with your pawn, it’s not “overlapping” with your collision capsule.

Ok, that works for meshes. What about for geometry BSP?

if you mean for Brush, select it, in detail panel where you usually sets variable value, go to blueprint section and Add Level Events for xxxxx, and choose onActorHit.
Since brush does not belong to a blueprint, you have to use the event in level script(via otherActor) to call your pawn’s custom event(which also connects to your trace.)
That should work.