Trace down cause of system crash during gameplay

I’m starting to experience some random system crashes while playing my game. These aren’t the typical code-related-bug crashes where you get the ‘udk has stopped responding’, but are entire system crashes that require a hard reset.

Does anyone know how to go about debugging these crashes? There’s nothing useful in the udk logs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you checked the windows events and error logs, they may provide a clue. Are the crashes running the game through PIE or from PC/built package. If in PIE do you run 64 bit, I find I need to run 64 bit in PIE else I can’t start a PIE game. Look at windows performance monitor, check memory cpu, maybe heat as well. I found I was running a laptop which would get too hot and the lappy would just shutdown, needed to clean out the fan …

I’d suggest adding a log message (e.g. “*** Starting function x ****” to all your critical functions so you might get an idea as to what might be happening behind the scenes in your game, the code may not be behaving in a way you expect.

Maybe disable elements of the game to see if it occurs, may help to eliminate large chunks of the game.

Thanks for your suggestions @Yummy-Vegetables. I’ll give some of those a try :slight_smile: