TPS Weapon firing

Hey folks, somewhat of a newb with UE4. got a bit of experience in UDK but blueprints are somewhat different to kismet heh.

anyways, ive been doing a lot of scouring of the internet, and havent found anything super informative.

So i know how to do animations, and whatnot, just need to know how to make a gun shoot, and do damage, and where/how i can add effects/sounds to it royalty free would be good.

weapon is assault rifle if that helps.

(PS. not for a release game, just assignment.)

also, sorry if theres already posts on this, i havent found any =/

Use the FPS starter kit that comes with UE4.
However, for some reason if you create a project with FPS kit, it shoots a ball.
If you create another project and import the FPS kit, it will shoot using raycasts, which is what you want.

Use that code.