TPS System of movement of many AAA games.

Hey. I am here recently and am writing with the help of a translator, so sorry in advance.

I watched and read dozens of training videos and manuals, but none of them showed the movement system used in games like Evil Within, Resident Evil 2/3 REMAKE, The Last of US
and many other AAA projects.

Speech about what:

  1. If the player is standing still The camera rotates around the player.
  2. When moving left, right, forward and backward, the player does not turn in the direction of movement.

A different combination of these settings did not help.
“Use Controller rotation Yaw”
“Orient Rotation to movement”
“Use controller Desired rotation”

It is strange that for so many years of the community, a simple and elegant solution has not yet been created. Most of the answers here suggest using “Use Controller rotation Yaw” but when using, if the player stands still, the Camera does NOT rotate around the player, the player himself moves.

Any ideas where to start? Thank.

Handle the body rotation yourself in the tick function by rotation the character mesh when the player’s velocity > 0. This way you basically separate the player’s collision and the mesh, so you can keep Use Controller Rotation Yaw enabled.