TPS: Shoot where Pitch is at


In the 3rd person starter game, I want to have the upper torso rotate independent of my hips/pelvis and legs. The idea is to be able to cast spells up there and run down there.

I managed to make it work using the Yaw, but the pitch is a monumental failure.

  • If I use the Details panel from my Pawn, using the controller rotation pitch rotates my whole character. So that’s a no.
  • I tried to quickly enable and disable it for my casting blueprints but then the character rotation is fixed into the last known coordinate and during casting the whole body rotates once again.
  • I decided to go straight to the animation blueprint and use the combination of layered blend per bone and transform (modify) bone based on a rotator. Animation-wise it works; casting the spell however does not. It keeps shooting forward.

Here is my animation blueprint:

And here is my rotator:

I don’t know what I am doing wrong to be honest or even where to look. Is the animation the issue or the variable?