TPS Shoot at Crosshair

So, you want your character to shoot a projectile to your mouse position?

It would be the exact same as the movement in the TPS project. Instead of making your character move on click, have him shoot a projectile at the Mouse Hit Result.

If you meant having your character shoot at a target, it’s even simpler. Choose the target you want to shoot, make your character face said target, and spawn projectiles.

I hope I understood what you asked.

I feel like I have looked everywhere on the internet for this information, however I have come up blank.

I’m looking for a way to have a third person character shoot at a crosshair that is fixed on the screen and is accurate. A simple concept, I’m sure, but I haven’t been able to find out how this is done nor any tutorial that seems to fit the bill. This is honestly maddening.

It seems as though you’re really close. I’d like to create a UMG cross hair that is centered on the string and then take my line trace I’m using as my bullet’s and have that line trace hit the cross hair.

UE4 Weapon Accuracy (+ another Rats Update) - YouTube Check this link out should help you out. with line trace center camera location.