TPS movement problem

Good day,.
I’ve been trying to solve the problem for some time now and cant figure that out… I am quite desperate, so i come here for help from you, guys.
I am beginner with ue4 so i started to create a character movement using the tutorial I found on youtube.

And here it comes
Character movement is not correct - when I press W (go forward) and then change direction with (A / S / D) or i try change direction with camera, the character goes forward without changing direction. The character only leans as if to turn, but does not turn.

I also must release any key first, wait for the character stops, and then i can change direction.

I checked the code several times and I can’t find a mistake. I’m desperate.

My guess: there is wrong calculation of “direction” + wrong inputs

Can you please help me to solve this?
I apologize for my bad english and if this topic does not fall under “animation” Discussion, but i dont know where i can go wit this issue