TPS How To Lock Camera

Hi! I am making my first Third Person Shooter game. I have an ADS freature and shoot feature, both work great, except when I look around with my camera. When aiming it works perfectly, but when I am not the bullets go in the direction Im looking at, but not from the gun muzzle. It comes from the gun muzzle but not straight through. Basically my character stands still with the gun pointing at the ground, but he can still shoot in ANY direction my camera is pointing at. I can stand with the back turned to the enemies and still shoot them magically without aiming through the gun. Anyone who knows how to lock the camera permanently? I want my charcter to always face the center of the camera, not just when aiming, this way I will fix the problems listed above. Thank you for reading!

Click your character and open its blueprint.

in details of the followcamera use the search bar and type “pawn” then click the option.

after that in the thirdpersoncharacter (self) details type “yaw” in the search bar and click the option.

Tried it, didn’t work :frowning:

can you post screenshot of blueprint controlling projectile firing?