TPS Cover System With A.I And Multiplayer and Weapon System !!!

Hey Guys

[FONT=Arial Black]Update : It’s Live Now On The Marketplace Link :…s-starter-pack !!!

so i just wanted to share with you my first project

and since this is my first project i want you impression what you think about it ? (your feedback very important)

and i wanna ask question do you want to see this on sell (not selling the animations of course because they belong to kubold if you have the animations already you are good to go if not buy Cover Animset pro and Rifle Animset pro and you will be good to go :smiley: )

waiting your feedback and thanks for watching in advance :slight_smile:

Update : so many people request to add AI using that cover system so i make it happen :slight_smile:

Lemme Know in the comments what you think :slight_smile:

Update 2 : The Demo video is out now check it to know how things work :smiley:

Update 3 : The assets approved on the marketplace will be getting release date soon :slight_smile: