TPS Character System

Would like to introduce first product - TPS Character System.

Epic Marketplace Link:…aracter-system

The product consisting of weapons system, player camera, and character movement with cover system. Supported by full network replicated.

Weapons System Main Features

  • Recoil and Recovery After Recoil. Supports different pictures of weapon recoil. Weapons return at a configurable rate to starting position after shooting ends.
  • **Spread. **Fully customizable weapons spread.
  • Damage. Сan be customized depending on range of hits.
  • Weapon Target & Direction. System controls rotation of weapon and angles for aim offset. Weapon will always shoot where the sight is aimed.

Player’s Camera System Main Features

  • Camera Modes. The player’s camera has many modes for different states of a character.
  • Camera Modes Transition. When changing a character’s state, the camera changes between modes. To configure a transition, use Сamera Modes Transition feature, which determines speed and smoothness of a transition.

Character Locomotion & Cover System Main Features

  • Character Locomotion States. Support main modes of movement: walk, sprint, crouch, minizoom.
  • Covers. Support climb and jump over of low covers.

The product will be constantly improved.

Preview Video: TPS Character System Promo - YouTube

Contact Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Bugs & Feedback Form:

Feedback is welcome. Please send all suggestions for improvement or new functionality, as well as bugs to the mail or fill out the bugs & feedback form. Or write in this thread.


Released Update 1.1

Present the first product update after the release
New Features Video: TPS Character System - Update 1.1 - YouTube

New Features

  • **New Weapons Types. **Created new weapons types: burs fire, single fire and auto single fire. The system included:

  • Auto Fire. Continuous shooting with a clamped trigger.

  • Single Fire. Weapon that fires single shots. Play animation twitch shutter after each shot.

  • Auto Single Fire. A weapon that fires single shots. A cartridge in a barrel is brought automatically after each shot

  • Burst Fire. Several shots for one click of a trigger. In this case, with a rapid successive second push - a weapon remembers that it is necessary to produce a second shooting cycle.

  • Animation of death and character respawn. Created animation of death and character respawn at the death point.

  • **Front Checker System. **This system solve the problem of shooting from jamb of wall. Character has the animation state “near wall” and can’t shooting if character is near wall.

Fixes & Improvement

  • Improved mechanics of calculation a speed of reloading based on a weapons settings.
  • Character can’t shooting in jump over or climb
  • Weapon Direction System is disabled in weapon reload state. This fixes for solve of animation problem.
  • Character don’t transition to floor state if have shooting state without minizoom in low cover.
  • Character’s overhead text was deleted.
  • Added blood sfx if character is damaged

All changes in the blueprint is marked pink color.