TP camera stutters until I strafe.

Hello, folks.

I was following TP Char from Scratch tutorial and made a semi-free camera. It acts as free camera while standing still, as usual “behind the back” when moving forward and allows for independent character rotation if running sideways or backwards.

Everything is peachy except the forward run. When I start running forward and rotating the camera it stutters a lot (0:00 - 0:09). What I find pretty weird about it is that if I press/hold/tap and release any strafe key it seems to fix it for the duration of the run (0:10 - 0:19). Holding forward and rotating around is smooth now. If I release forward and then press it again, stutter is back.

I’m a noob and have no idea what is causing this at start and then getting fixed by adding strafes to motion. Here’s yaw setup. Tell me what other info I should provide.

UPD: disabling “Modeling tools editor mode” plugin fixed it.