Town Environment Project

I have been working on this project and i am looking for any fed back on models and texturing, and any other suggestions for improvements.

Textures seem to be low res at walls and stone parts.
In how many parts each house is split ? You could split them into more pieces or use more materials for each.
I like models a lot :slight_smile:

looks good just the color need work. Just sayomh that texture look different as the building is like mismatch textures.

The models look great - just make sure they are to scale - it looks like a UE4 cobble stone texture on the ground, but the stones look huge, that’s why I’m saying check the model sizes - it will also help build better light maps.

Also try creating some normal maps for the textures now. It will add a lot more depth. Then start to work on the spaces inbetween, with paths, foliage and other bits and bobs like barrels and carts - these things will help tie it all together.

Looking good, add normals and resize the ground texture and it will look even better. Good job.

What year is this meant to be set in? and what part of the world. Knowing this and building a mental story of the scene can guide you to add things to make it more convincing. My one concern is that the ground texture is so very different from the buildings - the buildings look as though they would work better in a night scene (the textures). Try make the atmosphere into night, and darken and increase the blues in your floor texture, or make the building textures lighter and add more reds and yellows.

Have you migrated these to UE 4 yet and put a scene together? I would love to see how that turns out.