Tower Studio - my first archviz with Unreal

I wanted to share with you guys my first try of doing archviz in Unreal. It’s a project I made for the latest Ronen Bekerman challenge. The goal was to present a prefabricated cabin in an interesting environment. Since it was my first try with Unreal I decided not to design everything myself but to recreate an already existing cabin. I also used megascans to a heavy extent and substance designer for some custom materials I made myself. I have to say I had a ton of fun working with and learning Unreal and would like to make all of my archviz with it from now on. Huge thanks to @rabellogp for sharing his knowledge it was a tremendous help for such a beginner with the software like me. I have to say I am quite happy with the outcome considering how new Unreal is to me and it wouldn’t be possible without the information I found on this forum. Any feedback is of course highly appreciated :slight_smile:

ps. I also made two 360 panoramas and if you’d like to check them out search for pjmielnik on artstation. Cheers!