Tower of Babel Game Level

I am starting to work on big project “Tower of Babel”.

Accordingly to Bible people started to build the Tower in very ancient times when everyone spoke same proto-language. The goal was to reach the sky and became like a gods.
To prevent it God made people spoke different languages and by this stopped project realization. This because people couldn’t understood each other.

Of course this level will not be similar to existing pictures of Babel Towers which several artist painted in the past.
I am pretty inspired from atmosphere of Dark Soul III well.

So I build my Tower thinking that The Tower was hidden for ages and after that time his ruins was suddenly discovered.

This will be big game location with wide and narrow spaces for first and third person desktop games.
I think it may fit for fantasy, medieval, adventure games as well as for modern shooters and sci-fi. Because ruins of the past may be present even in far future.

It may takes months to complete the protect because this I decided to creates parts and elements fist and release it as small collections and locations. Then I will use all this to create tower itself.

I will try to create things in the way which give to use them to create another game level with different topology or just add to you existing locations as an interesting places for game story, bosses, places of force and glory… Use of them restricted only by your imagination. :slight_smile:

The first object for Tower of Babel.
“Tree A” and “Stump A”





The tree has rig.
You can open FBX file in any program like Blender, 3D MAX, Maya or game engine like Unity and Unreal and adjust roots, brunch or trunk accordingly to terrain and envelopment objects.

Thank you. English is not my very best point. I am sorry. :wink: