Tower Dev Low Poly

This pack features highly optimized extreme low polygon RTS / Tower Defense PC modular tower and weapon objects which can be mixed and matched together to assemble hundreds of different tower weapon systems. This pack its materials and objects work nicely on mobile but also scale properly up to more powerful PC platforms which can take full advantage of the highly detailed normal maps and 4k textures. The material instance controls the player color, if the tower should look new or used, offers the ability to add in a damaged look and adjust the roughness for a wet look.

All of this offers you a all-in-one solution where you can start to visually upgrade your own RTS / Tower Defense game with this versatile artwork pack. All objects are separated static measures with the pivot points in the most useful and logical places in order to be later on assembled by your blueprint or game code into functioning units.

This is an artwork package with a bit of logic for the material instances, but I am sure you can find a blueprint pack here in the marketplace to combine this artwork with.

Technical Details   


  • 47 Modular tower and weapon objects

Texture Sizes:

  • 10 x 4096 textures
  • 9 x 2048 textures for mobile

Scaled to Epic skeleton: No
Collision: Yes; automatically generated
Vertex Count: 150 to 1200
LODs: 0
Number of Meshes:47
Number of Materials and Material Instances:5
Number of Textures:19
Supported Development Platforms: All
Supported Target Build Platforms: All
Important/Additional Notes: You have to create a dynamic material instance in the Blueprint where you like to change the colors of the tower parts. After you’ve created this instance you can use the set vector and set scalar parameters with exactly the same names as in the material in order to control them from your Blueprint.

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