Tower Defense

Hey I just wanted to ask if its possible to create a tower defense game similar to this one here

just with the view from the top a few different rotating towers creeps that looks like they are moving und finding the shortest way etc. with Unreal Engine 4 without programming or is there any other game engine that fits more for this purpose that is nearly for free and easy to use? Because I want to publish it on android/ios just for fun.
thanks in advance.

Its absolutely possible. But if you really want to make a game that looks like this, UE4 is pretty overkill.

If what you really want is this pixel, repeating tile, sprite heavy style, then GameMaker Studio is what you want. But if you plan on being in the game dev industry, I’d stick around in UE4 and use this project to help you learn the system. GameMaker is a very weak engine and is incredibly limited to basically only this genre of games. It can’t do 3D, and not even high res sprites.

As someone who’s used GameMaker, I do think its for kids, it definitely has the highest demographic for kids than the other engines, but a there’s a lot of big games made in there, like HyperLight Drifter.

Using GameMaker will help you get the very, very basics of game dev, but its better to just jump into it. Its like learning a language, submersion is the best way to go.

The new GameMaker 2 is about $100, but it totally looks worth it. Its added in features in the IDE that are standard that it has lacked before hand. Some really simple stuff, actually. And they’ve added new features that resemble UE4 blueprint, and actually looks like it will be easier to keep neat than UE4.

Then to make that money back, you can just throw in some ads. But put them in a spot where the player has to go out of their way to find them. For example, “Watch an ad to gain a life back,” or “for 500 jewels.” Intrusive ads will just ruin the experience and have them leave.

Game Maker 1 is free, however, so you can always use that. The learning curve is pretty shallow, so you can get moving quickly.