Tower Defense Starter Kit

Thanks, it seems to be working now. Now, we want a splash menu to appear before the main menu. I’ve imported it, added it to the HUD State enum and applied the addition to the Update HUD State function. Where is the Main Menu widget set as the default widget? It’s not applied in the default Game Mode under World Settings for the Main Menu level.

Alright, so you’re on the right track with the Update HUD State function. The Main Menu HUD state is set from the level blueprint for the Main Menu map. It is not set as part of the default settings in Game Mode because the toolkit opens up to the sample level. On a side note, one of the utilities of having a separate function to make the high level HUD state changes is that you can just search for it (after unticking ‘Find in current blueprint only’) to find every single instance of this function call.

It worked well. Now, how would I apply a unique texture image for each tower on the build button instead of the text from the TowerType Enum? I added an image widget over the build button in the blueprint and added a new variable to the TowerData struct set as a texture. However, in the Tower Constructor widget, setting the image widget as the image variable from the struct doesn’t work.

Added a new tutorial on how to create new levels from scratch: Tower Defense Starter Kit Tutorial: How to create a new level

Could you post a screenshot depicting how you’re setting the image for the tower build button? It would be a lot easier to see where changes need to be made that way.

The v2.0 update for Tower Defense Starter Kit has gone live on the Marketplace.

v2.0 Change Log:

  1. Removed the Unit-based wave spawning system, as the Batched wave spawning system can achieve the same results in a far more user-friendly manner.

  2. Segregated the wave spawning system into two child classes: one to control batched wave spawns & the other to handle AI threat level based waves. [Note: The Threat based system will be getting an upgrade in the upcoming update to include weighted AI spawn management]

  3. Removed the third sample map that showcased the use of dynamic nav modifiers to control AI paths.

  4. Added event dispatchers to decouple logic associated with enemy spawn, damage reception, & deletion based events.

  5. Integrated the pre-wave resource allocation data into the wave spawn data structures.

Free gameplay demo for the v2.0 edition of Tower Defense Starter Kit (Windows) now available at: Dropbox - File Deleted

All changes within the blueprints are marked with the boolean variable ‘Version2_0’ [screenshow example below] in order to easily identify the workflow changes introduced with this update. Comments are also written to describe the major changes.

Ok, now I have a problem with one of the towers’ functions menu. All of the towers’ functions are working well except for one, which are greyed out. Do you know how it might have happened? Again, I checked myself but didn’t find the source of the problem. When I tried to look at the struct for functions, it caused all of the functions menus to bug out. I was able to load a backup of the file, but I’d rather not touch it again unless I know where the problem is.

If only one of the tower buttons is greyed out, then there’s a good chance that it is not set to be compatible with the said tower. Whenever a tower function button is added to viewport, it checks the ‘Activated’ variable (passed in as part of construct event) to determine if the function is available for the selected tower.

In order to ensure that a Tower Function is compatible with a certain type of tower, just open up associated element within the ‘Tower Functions Array’ (in BP_GameInstance blueprint), & add the tower type enum to the ‘CompatibleTowers’ entry.

Let me know if that fixes the issue for you. If not, we can try debugging the system.

The gameinstance change worked. Thank you. It must have still been trying to read the data array as it was before the tower deletion.

New issue. Packaging fails because of the deleted entries in the Tower Type list. I need to keep the original list and script as-is except that the UI needs to ignore the build buttons for the Boost and Mining towers.

Hi Menelin, could you post a screenshot of the errors/warnings displayed in the package output log?

Here’s the link to the question I posted in the AnswerHub. It has the output log of a successful package process with TDSK and the output log of a failed package process with the modifications.

Can you check if packaging for Windows throws the same error?

I think you might have run into the problem mentioned here: Unknown structure Error When Cook - UE4 AnswerHub

Try renaming all the structs mentioned in the errors. If that doesn’t work, rename the output parameter of the functions used to retrieve them. If both these solutions don’t work, you would have to delete and replace all instances of calls to access these struct arrays.

I just purchased this. I do have access to a windows machine but my main developing machine is my Mac. I am confused why this only works on Windows if it is totally blueprint driven. Is there a chance this will be available for Mac? I like to develop on both machines depending on where I am at the time.

Hi @hilbelinknr , I did not add official support for Mac OS because I do not have access to one for testing purposes. But as you said, it should ideally work fine as long as there aren’t any platform specific bugs around. As for your query, are you able to download the project from the UE4 launcher on Mac? Or is it an issue with not being able to open the project itself?

I’m sorry it is working now. When I tried the other day it wouldn’t create the project for me but now it is working properly.

I do have a question about the splines. It seems like the example maps seem to show that they are supposed to be centered on the path but mine won’t stay centered on the path. Am I missing a setting?

Glad to hear that it’s fixed. The toolkit comes with two example maps, each showing different types of AI pathing systems.

The map that loads by default when you open the project uses the native Unreal Engine navigation system. It uses the nav mesh to find the best path from Enemy Spawn Point actors to the Exit Point actor at the center.

The second map uses custom user defined splines to make the AI traverse along those specified paths, again from the Enemy Spawn Point actors to the Exit Point actor. It also supports multiple lanes and is intended to provide an experience similar to what’s offered in Kingdom Rush.

I’m not sure that I completely grasp the issue that you mentioned. The splines are a part of the Enemy Spawn Point actors, and hence will always start from where those actors are located in the map. But if that’s not how it’s functioning in your project, could you post a screenshot of the same here?

In the screen shot below you can see that instead of the splines being centered on the path they are taking the shortest distance which makes the tracks look much less clean. Especially because I want to replace the splines with pulsing arrows but for that to look right I need the splines to be centered as they appear to be when you play the game in the release trailer

Alright, got it. In the release version of the toolkit, I think I had placed nav modifier volumes along the edges of the path, so that the path used by the AI bots remain centered rather than near the edges. You can achieve the desired result by doing the same. The free Strategy game example in the marketplace uses the same approach to control the layout of the AI paths.