Tower defense sample project

I have seen a tower defense sample project mentioned many times in different threads I have been reading.

But for the love of me, I can not find out where to get it. Even the Official documentation article on the project does not say where to find it!?

Any help?

If I remember correctly it is on the Learn tab of the launcher. Not in front of my Dev Machine so I stand under correction.

Yeah as qdelpeche said it is in the learn tab. Its in the Example Game Projects section, under the name Strategy Game.

Thanks for the reply’s guys. I guess I forgot how scrollbars work, because I swore I check the learn tab!

LOL … happens to all of us man. 8-}

Question, I have and am studying this, when I try to click on the Main Menu button the game screen goes black and Unreal crashes. On 4.7.3 PC. TY.

Could you probably post your log file -> documents-project-saved-logs :slight_smile:
Also make sure to report it on answerhub:

Does anyone know where they moved it to? In 2020 there is no learn tab on the launcher.

There is actually a learn tab, but the strategy game tower defense is not available anymore under the games section :\

I have found a copy in an old hard drive and uploaded it as-is to github, in case anyone wants to download it: GitHub - elboletaire/ue-tower-defense-game: Unreal Engine's Tower Defense Game (learning content not available anymore). Property of Epic Games.

Can anyone send link on this learn tab/guide?