tower defense AI

hello, i have a little question, i can’t find out the solution of how to make a blueprint like in tower defenses, an ai that walks toward the way automated (FSM) the ones that are in epic’s strategy game. can anybody tell me the way ?

Once I finish off my tower defense asset for the marketplace this will have everything in it.

I have a waypoint blueprint where i put locations in an array. Then using behavior tree i step through each of these locations and use a moveTo function. Just look at AI wander tutorials and you will get the basic idea.

You need to script it a bit. Simply telling AI go to some location, would send them all on shortest path to target. So stock AI will not work for this.
And for tower defense you probably want dynamically created navmesh, which would kill mobile performance.

Your hope is in creating grid, then finding path you want to pick, and sending bots from tile to tile is straight lines. I would say doing that is kind of
advanced stuff in blueprints.

First make grid, and bots that can do from cell x,y to cell x2,y2.

Then google up some algorithm for finding shortest way, or all possible ways in maze.

Then add that algorithm.

Or wait for that asset on marketplace.

so i think i gonna wait :smiley:
thanks :slight_smile:

Nope, you are not allowed to wait! Do it yourself, and when that marketplace asset is on marketplace buy it.
This way you will be ready to connect it to your project when it arrives. That is quite important, never wait, always push forward, indie game dev is a race, first there gets prize, rest is making clones.
When you can do something that you already know how to do and something new that you are sure you need in future, always pick new challenge.

And have fun with your project.

Yep there is nothing too complicated about the movement side of things, there are a hundred different ways you could do it. Just look up behaviour tree wander AI and you will figure it out.

There is a example on a “Tower defense” AI at the learning tab of the Epic game launcher called strategy game. It is written in Blueprints and C++.
You may get some ideas from that example, it is a Tower defense game.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: