Touchscreen interactive 3D content

I have next to no experience using UE4

I can however model & texture stuff in 3d Coat

I would like to create an interactive ‘experience’, using 3d models, UE4 and a 42" touchscreen [connected to a PC].

I would create models that could be looked at by the camera and moved by the users touch interaction, but camera would be restricted to only be able to view this particular model, and also have areas on this model that the user could ‘choose’ by touch interaction, that would lead to further ‘levels’ - and further 3d content [mostly static models and text, and possibly triggering audio files, video files]

I am not a programmer or coder, more of a designer/artist mindset.
But I would like to create interactive 3D content, that could be displayed in a public place on ‘kiosk’ style screen, that could potentially trigger multimedia content.

Does this sound like basic stuff for UE4?
Would anyone know of tutorials that would lead to this simple usage of UE? [if indeed this IS simple usage!]

The sort of thing I would like to create is an online [or kiosk] experience like this:

Just not be dependent on CL3VER cloud subscription :slight_smile:

Can Unreal handle text like this does?
Would this be a much simpler task in Unreal than game creation?

Yeah, that’s definitely something you can do with UE4, all that can be done with Blueprints–the visual node-based programming. They added an update like a year or so ago that added Windows touchscreen support, so the engine has everything you need.

Thanks darthviper107 that’s good to know.

A couple of further questions though
Can this sort of interactive ‘experience’ be setup to run online, integrated into a website?

Would you [or anyone] have any links to examples of something running online in UE4 that I could check out?

Would I need some special hosting package to do this well? so that the 3d runs smoothly etc ]

I’m trying to weigh up the pros and cons of learning UE4 to do this from the ground up, compared to using the CL3VER system because of its monthly costs ]

UE4 supports HTML5, where the software would run like an in-browser game. It downloads the data and runs it within the browser, so it requires the user’s system to be good enough to run it well, and to have a compatible browser.
It might not support multi-touch from within HTML5 though, so that could be an issue, but it doesn’t require anything special from you to get it working, you just upload it to your server.
The alternative is probably not something you can do, where it runs the app on a server and streams the interaction to the user–it would allow a user to use the app even if they have a weak computer, but requires a very robust server system or you get lag.

Doing a simple kiosk is very easy to do though.

I suppose that the CL3VER platform would be like what you outlined second there - they presumably run the simulation on their servers and thus the user gets a really smooth experience.
So yeah, Im pursuing learning UE4 - even if it only lends best to an in-house kiosk experience.
My No 1 thing that i would like to learn is how to get the same ‘scene to scene’ camera moves that are user-triggered - to navigate the user around the scene, and text to layout nicely to explain to the user what they are seeing etc
If you knew of any tutorials that might hint at that, that’d be nice :slight_smile:
I will do my own investigation too

thanks for the info

Theirs is definitely running on HTML5/WebGL rather than streaming from their servers, it’s simple enough that it doesn’t have a big impact on a user’s system so if you’re going for something similar then it should definitely be possible.

As far as making it, look into UMG:

And Blueprints for setting up actions:

I would like to create an interactive ‘experience’, using 3d models, UE4 and a 50" touchscreen [connected to a PC]. via touch frame
i have this vid for example

is this can be done in unreal and if so how and where i start
BTW i have good knowledge in arc-viz in ue4 but this actions between 2 screen and writing on the screen? i have no idea how to
when i develop shall i develop one apps or 2 separate apps?