Touchscreen/Gestures on Windows 10 - Using Mobile Previewer

I’m super curious, and I wanted some kind of confirmation before I spend the money.

I want to develop for Android and iOS, but without the step of having to compile and export to an Android/iOS device for each little change and tweak. For the sake of it, let’s just say I’m doing Android only.

I wanted to know if I can use a multi-touch screen display for Windows 10 and be able to truly test the functionality of gestures, multi-touch features, etc for my game before I go through the full process of compiling and dropping it onto an Android device.

Are there any issues with using the Mobile Previewer and a Windows 10 touchscreen display to test my mobile games before I compile and export directly to the device?

Unreal works well with a multi-touch Windows 10 display. I just finished a Windows multi-touch Unreal project. I don’t know if it works in mobile preview however. I would expect it to though.