Touching editable text should popup android keyboard straight away

Right now, it creates a new text entry screen using the android OS style, and then you click that text entry it pops up the android keyboard, It would be so much better if the keyboard would pop up straight away when touching the editable text !


I second this, even it’s a one and half year old request… It’s really annoying for chat system:

Players have to click the editable text …
… then wait for the box to open
… then click on the empty text space of this box
… then wait for the keyboard to open
… then type the text
… then click “ok” on the keyboard
… then click “ok” on the box
… then click a “ok” umg button to send the text (because I think there’s no way to use the event of the “ok” button of this android text box)

You just can’t ask players to use chat system this way

4.15 will have an experimental implementation of this for Android (the current dialog will be used by default). There are a few issues with it; you can’t control where the keyboard will appear and it will NOT automatically slide the edit area into view; if it is under the keyboard you won’t be able to see what you are typing.

Thanks ! having a more direct method for typing, even a not perfect one, will be very nice for most android devs.

Hi, I’ve seen some android features about virtual keyboard but I can’t make it work.
“Enabled by placing -NewKeyboard on the commandline”
Where is the commandline? Does it mean that I have to type this command in the console?

Please make a function which will spawn a keyboard if needed, or atleast possibility to switch auto popup off.

how to activete it?

It is easier to enable in 4.16 now; “Enable improved virtual keyboard [Experimental]” checkbox in Android project settings.

Hey Chris,
I have some problems with the Android keyboard:
-can’t write German letters, like öäü
-in a multiplayer match the keyboard disappears, when an another player send a message, while you’re typing (because of losing focus?)
-OnTextChanged event replacing “new lines” with “spaces” don’t work (woks on PC)
-how to make slide the edit area automatically into view?
-how to tun on the auto correction of the Android keyboard

do you have any suggestion for me

Thanks in advance

We are making improvements to the new virtual keyboard, mostly to deal with issues with unicode characters. I’ll make sure we address your other issues.

The virtual keyboard is hidden when any control needing keyboard loses focus.

The edit area does not automatically slide; you get an event (OnVirtualKeyboardShown) with the area of the screen covered and have to move the control into view yourself at the moment.

It looks like you need to use an AutoCompleteTextView for autocompletion (see here: You can do something like this yourself with the new keyboard by responding to OnTextChanged to show your own dropdown list.

Hello Cris,

Is there a way to disable the numbers from the keyboard? having a keyboard to have only letters?
Any forecasts for supporting the special characters such as: áàãõóíôéêç ?
Will this feature be available for iOS in the future?

I appreciate your attention in this matter,

Thank you,


In Java it is possible to set an InputFilter to check for invalid characters:

UE4 currently only supports the following keyboard input filtering by default:

The special characters you listed will work with the new keyboard input currently being worked on.

iOS already supports a similar functionality by turning on “Use Integrated Keyboard” in iOS project settings in the Input section.

Thank you for the answer.

Is this option available in 4.16.2? I didn’t found the “Use Integrated Keyboard” in iOS project settings in the Input section. Is there any other experimental settings that must be turned on so this can show up?


Also I would like to take advantage of the moment, and ask for a new keyboard input filtering option to be added in the future: Keyboard_Alphabets (only alphabets) :wink:

Thank you again for your time,


So I guess this has been added to iOS by now? A bit shocking the lame excuses tbh, I know where the keyboard will appear and can design around issues - an alert box on iOS is sad. I’m using the Android version of this and things have improved from a UX standpoints, thanks, chop chop on iOS ta.

While you’re at it, changing one line of code then generates 376 dsym files, really, like wot?

Works on 4.18 :smiley: