touch screen spawn actor

I’m trying to spawn a blueprint pawn where i touch screen location. I added a print string to show touching screen works. but it won’t spawn the pawn.
In the game. x is horizontal, z is up, y is depth.

Make sure that your scene is at Y = 0. Otherwise your pawn could be spawning way behind the camera where you cant actually see it.

my player start at y = 622.0 cm and facing 0. but no showing the pawn.

Position wrong, area limited, and reverse up down. Help!!!

Even I tried this won’t work.
Can anyone tells me how to set up this Properly. And how is the difference between using “Get input touch state” and “location” which included in “Input Touch”?

Did you ever sort out the differences here, morning_sashimi? I ask because I’m trying to sset up touch to move controls in a project that’s set up virtually identically and I’m more than a little stuck. If you did, I’d really appreciate your insight! Thanks in advance!