Touch Screen Input HELP!!!

Hey hoomans
I’ve been trying to get my fire button working for touch input.
All of my other buttons work just fine by just creating a custom event, connecting it to my blueprints and calling it in my Ui button input. But for some reason specifically my get weapon button does not work. I have it set as an input key set to the letter “F.”
It will even play a sound when I press it on the touch screen but it never actually works and picks up the item where as with a keyboard it works just fine.

Overall Question, how do I set my InputAction Fire button to a touch input button?

Hi @Waltonc

I just take a look… in the 4° image the “get weapon” is blue, that is the caller, (that cant be fired because he is not linked )
you should probably use the Called event, (the red one) Call - get weapon

Noted, I actually can’t use the red called event in while in a function. It won’t even allow me to create one while in a function I’ve tried.


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