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Hello there, I was wondering if someone would be so kind to help a newcomer with android development. I’m stuck with how to make the correct blueprint for calling an action lets say “Attack” or “Block” to a touchscreen button. I have attached a screen shot, which is something like i would want to create using blueprint. If someone would be so kind to walk me through it or post a proper blueprint or video perhaps. I have looked everywhere online but nothing. I know the unreal devs posted a video on touchscreen but they only made it so that when a finger touched anywhere on the screen the character would jump, how do you set it to just a button on screen. Thank you.

Create your widget with the buttons you would like to perform the actions. Then inside the widget create a variable for your player of type your player blueprint (Example :ThirdPersonCharacter) Set it to editable and expose on spawn. Inside the level blueprint on event begin play cast to your character blueprint then create widget. Select your widget and connect the return value of the cast into the player variable now showing on the create widget node. Then from return on the create widget node add to viewport.

Add a custom event inside your player blueprint to call the event (Attack) then go back into your widget, get your player variable. drag off the player variable and get your custom event (Attack). Plug it in to the button click event and enjoy your wonderful new button event!!

I created a tutorial for something similar to this on my youtube channel. It isn’t uploaded yet, but here is the link. Keep an eye on my channel and it should be uploaded soon.

Here is video link:

Friend, your tutorial is excellent. I’m using your tutorial to make an implementation in my game. I’m trying to make some minor modifications, like, the left and right buttons should only be activated from the event begin overlap. These buttons are inactive, except when the character go through this collider. Can you help me how can I do this? Thank you, friend.

Hello my friend. Could implement. See the pictures. Thank you very much.alt text




But how will these buttons work in android phone???
How to make buttons which would have touch input.
I want to make jump and attack button for android game but I didn’t find any way of doing this.

Please help
Thank you
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