Touch nodes

I’m super new, but wanted to try to see how UE5 BP programming works for touch devices. I just can’t figure out what these nodes do, or how to trigger them. Is it like a touch hovering over the actor node? If not, does anyone know a way to trigger a BP, when a touch is hovering over an actor? I’m currently using “event begin/end input touch” to interact with actors. In advance, thank you for answers!

You can develop your umg interface with mouse and single button (left or right). This all will work same.

When you ready just swap mouse input to touch input. Multitouch is more complicated.

Drag and drop stuff:

For touch interface just google it, there is plenty of tuts about it.

But for now you can develop game with mouse + single button in mind, then when you learn more unreal you can easily switch to touch interface. Code will be almost same.