Touch Interface Size - Virtual Joystick


I’m learning how to use the TouchInterface for mobile and I don’t find the “size” information for it.

I mean I can setup the button and so on, but I don’t know what is the “default screen” size information (length, width) that I should take into account when placing the elements.

If someone have the information that’s great!

Thanks for your freedback.

Edit -> Project Settings -> Input -> Mobile -> Default Touch Interface

Select the above and you can set Visual size and Interaction size on the individual control sticks.


Thanks, This is not the informatin that I’m looking for. I do know how to setup them, what I don’t know is the “interface size” reference to position my button.
For UMG, you start with a 1080p screen and it will scale on the final screen size.
The Touch Interface is in Slate and I don’t remember/know how it is manage.

I mean i I put a button at 200/200 if a 1080p resolution it is not the same in a 720p one.

If you have this informatin I will be glad.


If you hover over any of the elements, like visual size it says values from 0 to 1 are relative to screen.
Haven’t tried this though.