Touch function giving errors since my last visit with UE4

Hi guys, I hope someone can help me.

I’ve just got back into UE4 after about a year, I was working on a little project back then (I think it was probably 4.7), which now does not compile in 4.14 at all. I’ve sorted most of the errors but the “Touch” function is completely broken.

I need to use multiple Touch nodes in different places in the BP, recieving and using their locations. When I was working on this a year ago, everything was working totally fine, now the BP can’t compile because I have multiple instances of this function. (Error Found more than one function with the same name InpTchEvt_Pressed; second occurance at K2Node_InputTouch_304)

I’ve also attached a screenshot

Any tips/workarounds much appreciated!


Bumping this once, just in-case :slight_smile:

I dont know why but you mast put one node to handle pressed and one node to handle released or you get that error if you put 2 touch nodes with pressed and released per node

I am also getting this error, how would I add 2 InputTouch nodes into my Blueprint…