Touch events not firing

So I am building a small proof of concept before I build a big sprawling level or what have you for a game I am working on.
It’s a touch based rail shooter.
Now on the computer the touch commands to shoot the object work fine, however when I launch the build to my phone or tablet (Xperia Z3 and Xperia Tablet Z) the touch command doesn’t fire through.

Make sure you have a blueprint inheriting from PlayerController and set it as the player controller blueprint in your world-options. In your player controller, in the defaults, check the Touch Events checkbox - that should do the trick.

I have it set to do Touch Events and Touch Over events active. It works in emulated windows and standalone previews, just not on my actual device…
Here’s a picture of the touched objects blueprint.

What is rock ? a static mesh, sprite ? I think, you should have a box contains the rock, add the box in the component tab.
Then, change the collision settings in the box like this :


and change collision settings in rock to NO COLLISION.
Finally, change every event generated by Rock to the same type of event generated by Box.
Hope it helps.