Touch Events not Firing on Mobile Devices

So I am building a small proof of concept before I build a big sprawling level or what have you for a game I am working on.
It’s a touch based rail shooter.
Now on the computer the touch commands to shoot the object work fine, however when I launch the build to my phone or tablet (Xperia Z3 and Xperia Tablet Z) the touch command doesn’t fire through.

Are you sure that what fires on PC are touch events, not mouse events? Do they fire when you play in “new window” and “emulated android window”?
Also standard reply: give pictures of your event graph.

I have confirmed that Touch events are firing and not mouse events. They also fire when in new window and mobile preview window (not sure how to emulate just android in that preview)

Also sorry for the lack of a picture for my graph here it is:

The rock is a destructible mesh which is why it takes damage.