Touch event works with only 1 instance of class


I am having 2 problems with touch events.

First, I have an instance of my class blueprint in my level. I would like to be able to click the instance and drag it. When I click and drag the instance very fast, the moment I release click, the mouse pointer ends up outside the box of my object. Therefore, the instance can’t fire the event OnInputTouchEnd(Box).

Second, to fix the first problem, I add the event InputTouch and connect the Released node to fire the event. However, this time I have 2 instances of my blueprint in the level. Then the Touch event only with only 1 instance, which is the instance NOT being debugged with. There are 2 instances of my blueprint in the level, which are Pivot and Pivot_2

Here are some screen shots of my blueprint.

In the red region, the Pivot is the instance being debugged with. In the level, it doesn’t respond to the Touch Released event.

sorry I bump this up. I really need some advice.

sorry I have to bump this up again. Holiday is over now, I hope someone might take a look pls :slight_smile:

I have the very same problem. The path:

  1. I have created a cube
  2. Converted it to blueprint
  3. In the event graph placed “Event ActorOnClicked” and attached it to a boolean variable
  4. placed 2 instanbces of the blueprint in the viewport
  5. press play button

if i click the first instance everything is OK, but if i click 2nd instance of the same blueprint the event is not firing (

Please help is needed.